ALE Club Meeting July 2022

The next ALE Club meeting will be next Thursday 7/21/2022 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Stone Arch Brewpub.
Be sure to bring your Lawnmower Beers for judging. This is the perfect time of year for easy-drinking, low ABV (<4.5%) beers. You can also bring other homebrews to share.

Low ABV brewing

I was listening to a homebrewing podcast today and a website was mentioned that has lots of info about brewing low ABV beers. Many people are getting on the bandwagon of drinking less alcohol for various reasons. You may, or may not, be interested in this. However, in the spirit of homebrewing it is another way to enjoy the hobby.

Check out for more info.

If you happen to find other sources of info on brewing low ABV beers please share them to our email,

ALE Club officers 2022

Since we have concluded our annual meeting recently here are the current officers:

Brandon Kolbe – President

Cindy Kolbe – Vice-President

Ryan Schabo – Brewmaster

Zach Koepke – Treasurer

Eric Olesen – Secretary

Congratulations to all of the officers! May we have a productive brewing year!

If anyone has any club ideas, etc please email the club.

Iron Brewer 2022

Rob Compton won the 2021 Iron Brewer Competition with his coffee brown ale. With that he chose the next “special ingredient”!

I am excited to announce that the “special ingredient” for the 2022 Iron Brewer Competition will be “Wood Aged”!! 

This can include any wood aged beers, cider, wine or mead. The wood aged character should be noticeable.  So, put on your creative brewing caps and come up with some exciting wood aged, fermented beverages!

As in previous years, the next Iron Brewer competition will be held during the November meeting. 


Brew with a Friend Day

We will be having a “Brew with a Friend Day” at Susen Trail’s home on Saturday May 15, 2021 from 10am to 6pm.

Bring a friend that hasn’t brewed before and a dish to pass as well as your brewing gear to brew up a batch of beer. If you don’t have mobile brewing equipment then bring a friend anyway and help someone else brew while teaching your friend.

If you are interested please send an email to for Susen’s address.

We look forward to getting together for this fun event!

Malt Sensory Analysis

Have you ever discovered a new malt and wondered what it tasted like? Many homebrewers like to crunch a few kernels of a new malt. Crunching the kernels can give you a general idea of the flavor of the malt but it won’t be quite the same as if it has been mashed.

This is where the hot steep method comes into play. It is like doing a short, tiny mash to get a better idea of the taste of the malt. Briess Malting demonstrates how to perform this simple process.

You can find a video here:  

You can find additional information here: