ALE Club meeting April 2018

The next meeting is coming up quickly. It will be Thursday April 19, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Stone Arch Brewpub in the tap room.

The beer style topic of the month is Amber and Brown Ales! Feel free to bring a homebrewed Stouts if you have one. You are also welcome to bring a commercial Stout as well. Any other homebrews are also welcome.

We came up with a menu of beer styles for each month, which are listed below:

April: Amber and brown
May: Maibock and English Ales (ESB, Ordinary Bitter etc..)
June: Cream Ale and Hefes and Wheat and Kolsch and Blondes and American Lighter Lagers
July: APAs IPAs
August: Sours and Fruit
September: Oktoberfest, Scottish Ale, Brown Ale
October: Belgians and Saisons
November: Pumpkin and Spiced Beer
December: Food Pairing Party

We encourage everyone to brew the style of the month of their choosing then bring it to that month’s meeting.


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